Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Thank you and goodbye

This is the last post I shall ever put here. I'm closing this blog shortly. The reason is that it is to be published in book form by Pink Flamingo, an excellent publisher of erotica who have previously published several works of fiction by me. I thank all my readers. Perhaps it's too much to hope you will all buy a copy of the book when it appears (can't give you a publication date yet). But maybe you'll buy a copy for a favoured friend you think might benefit by reading it? Well, anyway, thanks for your time, and happy spanking or whatever is your pleasure.


Thursday, 9 August 2012


I started this blog over three years ago. In that time I've written close to 200,000 words. My blog has made me many friends and has given me much satisfaction. But recently my life has changed; very much for the better, I hasten to add. I can't tell you how exactly, because that would intrude upon my privacy and the privacy of others. But as a result I find that I no longer have the motivation to write as Discerning Dom. Maybe one day I'll miss it and come back to it. Or maybe I'll start another blog somewhere else, in a completely different vein. Right now I am going to take a long holiday. I'll leave the blog here in case any should chance upon it and care to read, but I won't be adding any more posts.

I want to thank all my readers, especially those who have made so many interesting comments or who have taken the trouble to get in touch with me. Farewell, and thanks for your time.

Friday, 3 August 2012

The best kind of pain

She’s a pain-slut, and since I love to hurt her we are well suited. It’s not the only thing she likes. She enjoys humiliation and objectification, bondage, sharing sex with other people, or just plain fucking. But it’s pain that really excites her, that gets deep, deep into her submissive mind.

Not just any pain, though. Some sorts of pain are hard to imagine ever having any erotic effect. Could anyone get pleasure from having their teeth drilled, even in the unlikely event that your dentist was your dom? There are some things I like to do she’s not so keen on. But, pervert that I am, that’s why I like to do them. If she only gets the things she likes, where’s the submission in that? It’s good for her to have a few experiences that push against her resistance. She doesn’t really like clothes pegs on her cunt for example, but I’ve done it more than once. I also like to slap her cunt. She doesn’t care for this much, either. I have to be very firm with her about keeping her legs open.

She does like spanking, just as much as I do. It’s good to pull her over my knee, maybe when she isn’t expecting it, just lift her skirt and down with her knickers and get to work. It’s a great position, feeling the whole girl across your lap, especially if she wriggles a bit and you have to hold her down. It’s lovely to see her cute white bottom get pink, and then pinker. I like to pause and stroke, feeling the warmth the spanking creates. And I like to slide my hand between her legs, to feel just how wet the little slut is getting. Maybe then we’ll progress to some spanking implements, the flogger, the tawse, the paddle, maybe the new dressage whip I bought; I’m so looking forward to giving her a taste of that. And then finally will come the cane. She accepts it, even though she fears it.

But none of this is what she craves most. The pain that really gets to her, that goes straight to the erotic part of her brain and which makes her cunt ache and drool, is pain on her nipples. She’s greedy for it; she craves it like the addict craves his fix. First maybe I pinch them and twist them with my fingers, then it’s some wooden clothes pegs, then some nastier plastic ones. And then come the steel nipple clamps. I have several kinds, all guaranteed to produce a dramatic effect.

It’s something that works well online, which, sadly, much of our activity has to be. I love to watch the screen as she applies the clamps, see her grimace, hear her groan as I tell her to pull on the chain that connects them. Harder; harder! When we are online, the pain is limited by just how much she can make herself accept; she’s the one with her hand on the chain, even if I’m giving the orders. But when she’s actually with me, then it’s good to tie her up first, so I’m then the one in complete control. I can give her more and more pain, tightening the clamps, twisting them, testing her limits. She has to trust me, that I will stop before it gets truly unbearable.